For a long time, I had a love-hate relationship with Instagram. While I discovered some good work, it was more often filled with humans imitating ducks and food photos.

As I often said, it was a catalogue of impulses and not conscious thought.

A little while ago I decided to embrace the platform and see where it would take me. I was tired of Facebook and its mindless likes. And while I believed Instagram was much the same, it was worth a shot.

I experimented with some good photographs… Not shot on the phone. None of those random “I just feel like shooting” photos. They got good results.  I searched for good hashtags.

Luckily for me, Instagram’s algorithm changed at the same time. So you could see more of images that you liked that just “trending” images.

And I began discovering a beautiful world of photographers.

Through my exclusive black and white project, I’ve been lucky to find some of the most brilliant work in a long time.

Starting off with @sir_monocle. Check it out!

More soon!


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