5 Best Photo Tools For On The Road

Instagramming has become a part of our travel life. Be it the perfect sunset, the perfect dish or simple fun, we tend to capture it all on Instagram. However, for us who are serious about photography, we tend to hold back and share the photo after cleaning it up a little bit. Of course, you cannot pull out a laptop to edit every photo and examine it but there are some great photo-editing apps for on the road.

Being an Android user, I found that most recommendations online were for iPhone users (which I thought was silly because Android phones have fantastic cameras today, and iPhone users are still a minority!). So here’s my list of photo apps for Android phones:

1. Fotor:

I discovered this a few years ago, and honestly, this is one of the apps that has gotten better through time. You have your filters (some great paid ones as well), a basic editing tool to fiddle with the photos. If you really like to add frames, stickers and text or change focus, this app works great. You can work well with the unpaid version, though you can try paying for the features that you want as well.

2. Photoshop Express:

Since most of us have a Adobe subscription that allows you 2 systems, the full Photoshop Express on the phone is pretty good. Personally, I find the app a little slow compared to the other apps. The biggest advantage is that you can sync the photos to Creative Cloud and fiddle around later on the computer as well.

My favourite feature in this is the ‘remove blemish’ tool, which you don’t find elsewhere. Filter options are much wider, but that’s because I’m on the paid account.

3. Plann:

This isn’t a photo editing app, but for those who want to figure out their storytelling, it works great. You can upload the photos and caption it, add hashtags and get an idea of how your feed would look before starting to post.

4. Hypocam:

Android | iOS

This is a great app to work with B&W photos. Now, I typically prefer to shoot in RAW and colour on my DSLR and then convert it to black & white. But this isn’t always possible on the go. I loved the features of Hypocam and the colour rendering. Plus, you can explore others photographs as well, which provides some great inspiration.

5. A Colour Story:

This is the latest addition to the stable, and while I’m still fiddling around with it, I think it is the closest to what VSCO used to be. I do miss the VSCO layout, and though I’m still in love with the filters, I don’t see any reason to be hanging on to it just to be a part of the VSCO club. Colour Story offers great filters and editing tools. As opposed to VSCO, they believe in bright and fun!

Anything else you like that I’ve not included? Tell me in comments!


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