7 Best Photo Curation Communities on Instagram

We all love Instagram. After the untimely demise (well, almost) of Flickr, photographers needed something good and strong and where everyone was so we can get some love as well. And well, we all love photos! Flickr is still a fantastic platform for serious photographers (now that the rest of them have moved on) and their forums still entail great discussions. But on the move, you need something fun and savvy on the phone – Instagram.

But it isn’t just enough to post photographs. You also want people to see it and be talked about. Yes, it is a human failure and we shall repent in the afterlife. Now, the best way to be seen is see others, obviously. Get out there, comment, like posts, interact, provide great feedback. And then share your Instagram links everywhere.


Take good photographs, and then hope to be featured on one of the Instagram communities. Now, THAT is validation! Every time I scroll through these awesome photographers, I’m seized with a serious case of photo envy.

Being featured on these in pretty tough. The bigger the communities are, the harder it is to be featured or even noticed. In the early days, I was thrilled when one of these would even like my photo or comment on it! It is probably a little easier to be featured on some communities that are still growing, and my post today will focus on those. To start with, I’m focusing on India-based, generic travel and India accounts. Part 2 will focus on the bigger accounts of the same themes.

  1. India Photo Concept:
    With nearly 2000 followers, they have a decent following to get started. They focus on “showcasing the contemporary photography use” in India. #indiaphotoconcept
  2. Travelers.of.India:
    India is all about discovery and travel. Travelers of India, with the hashtag #_travelersofindia has nearly 7,000 followers and has a fantastic curation team that brings you vivid photographs from all over the country.
  3. Incredible India:
    The official account of Incredible India by the GOI. The hashtag would be #incredibleindia
  4. Travel & Leisure India:
    This is by the magazine of the same name. Tag them @travelandleisureindia or #tnlindia with your travel tales
  5. India Photo Love:
    This is a brand new account, which is why it is even in this list. The early list of curation looks great, and they are pretty active as well. #indiaphotolove
  6. Clicks of India:
    A fairly new account, with few photographs. #theartofclick_coi is the complicated hashtag (perhaps worth making a note somewhere!) and their handle is @clicks.of.india_ (note the little _ at the end)
  7. Best.India.Clicks
    #best_india_clicks – with over 2000 followers, their feed is a mix of everything Indian, from portraits to landscapes to small Indian things.

So start tagging!


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