Spiti Valley – Part 3

Day 2: Chandigarh to Shimla
Day 3: Shimla to Rakcham and the adventure truly begins.

Spiti Valley – Part 1

There are pilgrimages of various types… There are the religious ones, which take you to all the holy places. There are the ‘gap year’ ones where you do a much explored trip. For our generation, if you are from India and love the outdoor, it is the Leh-Ladakh region. Naturally, tourism extracts its price by…

Spiti Valley – Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Day 1: Continued 3 hours after we were supposed to, we reach the dhaba, starving, tired and a little cranky already. The others, who were to have reached after us, are already done with dessert and hanging around. Good humour was soon restored by thick┬áparathas loaded with butter and curd, I…

The Delhi Walla

Before Humans of New York existed, before everyone became a photographer with a Facebook page, there was The Delhi Walla, quietly narrating stories of Delhi like the Kabuliwalla

Photographer Diaries: Maternity Shoot

I do not often blog about shoots I’ve done in the recent past, but this once, I am going to make an exception because this shoot was just so beautifully brilliant. Maternity Shoots are my favorite shoots that I dread. Why? Because the developmental psychology classes we took in college planted a healthy fear in…