Exploring Tamil Nadu: Mahabalipuram

We’ve to explore more about getting to Mahabalipuram than the place itself. We start off post-lunch from Karaikudi, wishing we had a better meal. We skip the palace visits and more to make good time, and luckily within a few kilometres, we hit the actual highway. And by that I mean the 4-lane / 6-lane roads with proper dividers that we’re accustomed to in Tamil Nadu. 

Except this is a major road that connect Trichy and Chennai, and honestly, it feels like driving in a main road of a city sometimes. Bikes, cars, bullock carts and more make home on the highway. 

Exploring Tamil Nadu: Karaikudi

The next leg of the journey is going to the longest one since we started off from Bengaluru: Rameshwaram to Mahabalipuram, with a pitstop at Karaikudi – the heart of the Chettinad region. 

It is nearly a 10-hour drive, and we want to make good time but don’t really want to rush. 

Exploring Tamil Nadu: Dhanushkodi

The road grows dark and eerie pretty quick. The wind howls through the AC Ducts, and if this was a lighter car, I imagine the wind could sway it pretty bad as well. We stop at one of the shacks for some fresh fish. Since civilisation isn’t really allowed here, there is no electricity and…

The Delhi Walla

Before Humans of New York existed, before everyone became a photographer with a Facebook page, there was The Delhi Walla, quietly narrating stories of Delhi like the Kabuliwalla

Photographer Diaries: Maternity Shoot

I do not often blog about shoots I’ve done in the recent past, but this once, I am going to make an exception because this shoot was just so beautifully brilliant. Maternity Shoots are my favorite shoots that I dread. Why? Because the developmental psychology classes we took in college planted a healthy fear in…